Here is an important video that you have to spread far and wide. Its very on point except here are a few thins they missed out that should be kept in mind before, while, and after watching this video:

This video nails it !
Only problem he doesnt mention the 2 stage mass poisoning of the population:
1st stage -> Masks + PCR Tests over exposing the unhealthy population [elderly mostly] to ethylene oxide one of the most toxic chemicals in history.
2nd stage -> Mass quackccines … new diseases and lots of deaths that are ignored by the public/private partnership of creepy big gov / big pharma / business corporate “partnerships” for their new “Great Reset” all a part of their greater long term ‘Agenda 2030’.

Canada’s medical establishment kills 50,000+ canadian law abiding citizens due to Doctors “medical malpractice” … they are the 3rd leading cause of death in canada after
1st -> heart disease [also caused by medical negligence by never discussing the root causes of disease and getting rich off the suffering and misinformed bad habits of the general public]
2nd -> Cancer [also caused by too much toxicity from chemicals in the products / foods the citizens consume].

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