4 Important documents that expose the Vaccine Cult

Three important documents to read in order to understand the damage this Vaccine Cult is doing mankind.

1: A brief history of the Grandfather of modern vaccines, Edward Jenner, who was a fraudulent “medical practitioner” who pioneered the vaccine cult eugenics Government depopulation strategy. The medical establishment till this day keeps lauding him as a hero when his entire career from beginning to end was rife with fraud, bribery, criminal negligence and hubris.
Read all about how Edward Jenner was responsible for the deaths of 100,000s of commonwealth citizens and beyond that lasted throughout the lionshare of the 1800s:

Edward Jenner the Bill gates of the 1800s

The second important document for you to understand is learn how the medical establishment and their government minions peddle an outdated fraudulent pseudoscience developed by a french “scientist” called Louis Pasteur … these two walking pieces of excrement are the reason we are all being coerced into being injected with toxic disease causing concoctions.
Dr Stefan Lanka a German biologist has written the best brief refutation and clarification of what is really going on with “viruses”. Its so easy to understand it doesnt take a genius to read it once and realize we’ve been lied to all our lives:

The Final document to examine, that to me drives the nail in the coffin of the pseudoscience vaccine cult superstitious doctrine of “germ theory” and “vaccination” is the following graphs that unequivocally demonstrate the following Truth about medical history and human health:

0 diseases have ever been solved by “vaccines” [properly known as quackccines because the man who invented them in modern times was a quack “medical practitioner”]

Not 1 disease, not 2, but 0 diseases have ever been solved by quackccines falsely called “vaccines”.

This information is now close to being made illegal to access. The eugenics medical dictators who are getting rich and powerful while you regular 9-5 hard working people are getting impoverished and coerced into being injected with a poison concoction of death and disease will not tell you the Truth [capital T] about disease and their true origin [toxic food, environment, and individual habitual self abuse through bad food, drugs, psychological disposition which all together are the root causes of “dis ease”.

Read this book so you can understand why human beings actually get sick. Being sick is not a casino slot machine. You have to actively chose to live an unhealthy life both physically and mentally [they are directly interconnected – you can be eating healthy, etc.. but if you are a sociopath negative nihilistic person you will get sick literally].
This book refutes the history at length of the medical/academic establishment mafia monopoly on human knowledge. One of the most important books written in history:

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