Before reading the point by point refutation of the massive utopian nightmare being perpetrated onto humanity by a select concentrated group of individuals and institutions. It would be important to first give the reader links that show the agenda these world elites are now implementing. The following 3 links are individual websites that overlap in goal, intent and even those who are at the top orchestrating all of what you are witnessing and have to live through as you read this.

The first link is the website that advocates for global total vaccination of all humanity all in the name of health and “sustainable” futures of course:


In their own organizations words GAVI is:

The GAVI Alliance brings together developing country and donor governments, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank, the vaccine industry in both industrialised and developing countries, research and technical agencies, civil society organizations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other private philanthropists.


They wish to ensure that all human beings in the world are vaccinated. Bill Gates personally has invested 1.5+ Billion USD into the GAVI alliance which for anyone who has half a brain cell should already be a cause for concern.

The next piece of the globalist/socialist puzzle is of course Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which openly states they are working with, as mentioned above by the little snippet from GAVI, “other private philanthropists” … who for example are these private philanthropists?
People like George Soros. If you don’t take the writers words for it just read the organizations website for yourself:


From the Bill & Melinda ‘EUGENICS’ Foundations own website

The problem with these organizations is not so much the goal, of course it sounds amazing what they are proposing and would be nothing but beneficial if the claims they make their foundations based upon are true. Is it truly possible that these technocratic, government, diplomatic, bureaucratic, and business elites can save the world and cure disease, poverty, and violence if they expand their cooperation around the globe as all their foundation websites openly discuss and tout? Well as the last 100 years has demonstrated the more interventionist that major cenetralized institutions become into the lives of the private sector [non government areas of life] the more problems, and [un]intended consequences emerge. Causing further exacerbation and expansion of both the original problem and the new ones that emerge from the failed, misguided, maybe purposeful, mishandling of the issue at hand. One most famous but sadly increasingly forgotten historical examples of this fiasco of centralized control of life touted by the powers at be to be the only solution in order to solve a so called “social problem” [sound familiar?] was the prohibition of alcohol in the USA during the 1920s. What was the problem? “alcoholism”. What was the solution by the Gov? Banning it entirely and making it entirely illegal to purchase, produce, consume, and sell. What were the results? Increased alcohol consumption, a massive new wave of crime and crime organizations, increased corruption in law enforcement, local, and national political institutions, and an erosion of traditional social relationships. And so it is the writers suggestion to the reader that just with all other social problems facing the world and all nations in their unique configuration. The more centralized the solution the worse and more unintended [or intended] will be the consequences and the original problem. Even if all individuals on the continent of Africa were indeed successfully vaccinated the health problems in the continent would remain, and millions would continue to die from disease year after year. This is not speculation this is what has been happening since the 1980s when the Western elites reentered Africa with their “philanthropic” “NGOs” [non government organizations] claiming to solve all the issues confronting African nations. Did they succeed? No they have only made things worse. Because Africa has been a socialist run continent since its days of decolonization as African leaders rejected western institutions, and market structures openly declaring that “socialism will be the answer to all Africas problems” nearly 100 years later and anyone who believes that statement is not only stupid but dangerous.

Now the third and final website I would like to leave the reader before going on to the point by point refutation of the 2030 UN AGENDA is an example of a nation that has embraced the global UN one world government model. Canada is no longer a sovereign nation and the following link will be the singular necessary evidence to support this assertion:


Government of Canada’s website … after you google “UN AGENDA 2030” on google search the FIRST result that shows up is the canadian government website seen above. Canadian politicians, business, academic, law enforcement, and medical establishment elites have sold the Canadian nation to the UN so that the few wealthy in Canada at the top of society will garner massive financial benefits and entrench their wealth and safety for generations, while leaving their fellow, less financially stable, citizens in the teeth of the ever expanding ever arbitrary Gov institutions.

Read the website for yourself so you can see with your own eyes the treasonous policies now being by decree and with no referendum or consolation with the Canadian public being rammed down the throats of the country.

In the near future the writer will provide an in depth analysis of the Canadian governments malfeasance and treasonous policies ranging from public “health” policies to their political and global decisions that began and will destroy the future of all Canadian citizens. As with all centralizing plans the majority suffer while tearing each other apart over arbitrary issues [like “ethnic” differences, or sexual differences, face masks, and “social distancing”] while the few concentrated elites entrench and expand their wealth and power over the nation with the help of outside subversives and outright tyrants.

Regardless for now here is the point by point refutation and skeptical analysis of the UN AGENDA 2030 global one world government agenda. Evil people almost always claim they are doing what they are doing for the greatest of goods. We do not have many more months of freedom, or the little freedoms we have left. It is time to understand what is happening to our lives and to begin taking a stand against the rapid expansion of tyrannical behavior from our governments, law enforcement, and medical establishments … they work for the citizens. The citizens do NOT work for their government but sadly we live in a time were the inverse is considered a virtue.

1. No Poverty “End Poverty in all its forms everywhere”

Response: We’ve all heard this socialist trope before, but we know that most of the world is impoverished. The 3rd world nations because of their corrupt socialist leaders. And in the 1st world nations poverty is ever increasing with rising dependence on GOV programs as a result of the inflation. Inflation is caused by central banks (keynesian monetary policy) that print money to fund ever increasing Government intervention in the market and economy. As history has demonstrated when the GOV intervenes in private markets, the products, services, costs and competitive availability get significantly reduced and destroyed leaving the consumer with few choices and more expensive and inefficient commodities/services (think about your public transportation system and GOV licensing agencies).

2. Zero Hunger – “End hunger achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” 

Response: Hunger only takes place in societies where the Government controls the food commodity markets. Food security and “improved nutrition” are vague terms that have no basis in reality. And the final goal mentioned is a euphemism for the socialist program and control of what foods we consumers are allowed to eat. Their ultimate goal is to end the healthy consumption of animal meat and replace it with bugs and vegetable based “fake meats”. There are good reasons why human beings keep bugs away from our food instead of eating them. Most insects feed on decaying matter: rotting food, animal corpses, human waste and other toxic matter which are full of harmful bacteria. Insects also carry parasites which are harmful, and often deadly to human beings. This euphemism “sustainable agriculture” is another socialist trope designed to sound good but, is yet again, vague and unclear. For anyone who spends time in academic institutions and listens to the people promoting this concept the aforementioned disturbing facts emerge. Also it is important to mention, that many nations in the world who’s governments are corrupt and despotic force their populations to have a narrow choice of consumable goods often relegating the lion share of the nation to have to eat bugs and other foods that most people given the choice would avoid. 

3. Good Health and Wellbeing “Ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages”

Response: Yet another vague arbitrary statement. They do not outline any method to achieve this goal on their website. Ironically they state the massive budgets and efforts made up to now to achieve this desired goal but upon examining their detailed report on this issue. They admit that much work has to be done and of course imply that more money must be spent [the only solution these delusional people have]. Have they ever thought that the reason disease is so prevalent in 3rd world nations is because of corrupt officials who spend their energy taking massive donations from the West while ignoring the needs of their own population and not providing the necessary healthy infrastructure, sanitation and living conditions to promote “good health”?

 4. Quality Education “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

Response: As will the points in this dangerous, vague and central planned global Agenda. Their claims regarding “quality education” fall short upon scrutiny. Western nations have the most advances STEM based knowledge fields, though the public educational institutions are failing the students and decade after decade are increasing in budget and size while the quality and result of education is diminishing. Most urban centres students upon completing GOV schools can no longer do basic arithmetic and reading let alone critical thinking. The only embarrassing accomplishments these “education” institutions have managed to produce are dumbed down students who only learn to regurgitate information without being able to understand the critical and fundamental questions of life and society. 

5. Gender Equality “Achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls”

Response: Another trope of centralized power pushers. They claim, that society is rigged to disenfranchise and oppress women. When for decades women have become increasingly disproportionately represented in higher education and certain government positions. Not to mention when comparing the rate of death at work between men and women the statistics show that men do the lion share (90%) of dangerous jobs in society and have far less leeway to opt out of certain positions simply because of their Gender. If women were so oppressed how come men compose the lion share of work related fatalities and bare the brunt of most of the violence in society?

    6. Clean Water and Sanitation “Ensure availability and sustainable          management of water and sanitation for all” 

Response: Most western nations have already accomplished this with proper public water works, water born diseases are nearly non existent in the Western hemisphere. The nations that have dysfunctional or near non-existent water and sanitation yet again are composed of corrupt 3rd world countries who’s politicians are enriched by the very people pushing this agenda while their own populations have no clean water, no clean air and no healthy public infrastructure. It is quite evident that the people behind this agenda have a penchant of ignoring reality for a utopian procrustean goal of reducing western nations quality of life and claiming that only due to the success of western nations at achieving these healthy measures, other less developed nations cannot. 

7. Affordable and Clean energy “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”

Response: Clean & Affordable energy yet again is largely extant in western nations. The problem is [unlike their vague misdiagnoses] that for 100 years our western nations have accepted the OPECartel monopoly on crude oil/natural gas production. This has resulted in insane global markets that force the price of all commodities up due to the fact that the only way most western nations get petroleum and/or natural gas is buying it from the middle east. The true environmental/human cost of this is the following. Loading the oil extracted from these despotic oil rich nations on to trains, ships, trucks, and other modern means of transport creates a largely ignored set of environmental destruction simply by having to transport to to the west over continents, oceans and out of the refineries and oil reserves. The actual viable solution is to develop the oil industry in the west so the massive environmental and political toll on can be mitigated. We can stop enriching nations who oppress their own people and also reducing if not mitigating entirely the significant environmental damage that the transport routes for this 100 catastrophic trade cycle has resulted in. One more important thing to note is that solar energy and wind power create further environmental disasters than the solutions these people claim they have to offer. As a simple example look at how many exotic birds are being killed by the thousands per year because these delusional socialists demand an expansion of an inefficient “sustainable” energy market of wind mills. It is evident these people don’t actually care about the environment and protecting nature after all.

    8.  Decent work and economic growth “promote sustained, inclusive           and sustainable economic growth full and productive employment and          decent work for all”

Response: Yet again vague and unclear goals that have nothing to do with reality. No Government bureaucracy or international institution has the ability and power to guarantee “full and productive” employment. This is because jobs and wages that provide actual ‘decent’ livelihoods for people do not come from the GOV they come from the innovation and business acumen of private markets. When the GOV intervenes and dictates what a private sector market must and must not do the natural observable consequences are that the range of product/service choices of said market get reduced. The quality of the product also goes down, and the cost of the product or service significantly rises thereby yet again leaving the consumer with less money and less value. A simple example to illustrate said socialist intervention and consequences in markets is the Canadian telecommunications industry. Ask any Canadian if they are satisfied with the choices they have regarding mobile phone companies. It would be hard to find many who appreciate the mobile phone market in Canada. While in the USA this is largely unregulated and the market is so vast that different companies compete and provide excellent and cheap contracts because the Government does not intervene as much as in Canada. The revolving door of regulators and big business executives that socialist centralized policies issue always result in a narrower market, with less choice for the consumer and significantly reduced quality of product and/or service. 

9. Industry innovation and infrastructure “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable, industrialization and foster innovation”

Response; Yet again the notion that centralized multinational institutions can somehow foster innovation, industrialization is asinine. The private sector provides the lion share of innovation and industrialization in most of the world with exception to nations who’s leaders are corrupt where even big corporations do not risk investing in. Due to the nature of these technocratic globalists we live in a time where globalism and mega trade deals are facilitated by centralized government and big business. As often the case [not all the time] big business is ever increasingly willing to forego morality and outsource production to nations where human rights abuses and disregard for their own populations humanity are rife, all for the goal of increased profits and a false notion of “global cooperation”.

    10.  Reduce inequality “reduce inequality within and among countries”

Response: This vague socialist trope ignores reality and implies that somehow the disparity of wealth and healthy societies among nations only occurs because one set of countries have the rule of law, big markets and foster a generally healthy society for individuals and families to thrive in. And as a result the nations that lack those dynamics only lack them because of the nations that have them. The truth of the matter is that many nations in the world are failed states not because of western advancement but because of their own corrupt inept and evil leaders that enrich their own pockets at the expense of their own populations while spending their time in the public eye projecting and accusing other nations and individuals for the failed states of their own nations. 

 11. Sustainable cities and communities “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe resilient and sustainable”

Response: If the word sustainable has not began to vex the reader let it be noted that it is a go to trope of these globalist socialist frauds. Human beings when in a healthy environment can live on avg up to 120 years. This important fact can help people see through the asinine rhetoric of these technocratic socialist frauds because their claims almost never reflect and address the root causes behind the reality of the world we live in. When public infrastructure, sanitation, basic concepts of individual hygiene

    12.  Responsible Consumption and production “ensure sustainable             consumption and production patterns”

Response: Yet again vague and disconnected from reality. These are the people who facilitate a global trade market with nations who treat their own populations like dirt, who use their weaponry and police/military force to subdue and terrorize their populations into complacency rendering them impoverished, disease ridden and unable to go beyond the day to day grind of survival. Often having to resort to eating cretins and bugs that are not healthy for human consumption. Sadly the solutions proposed by these dangerous fraudulent and delusion people are eugenics based. As an example bill gates talks about solving the malaria issue that is devastating populations across east africa by not reducing and eliminating the environmental conditions that allow the malaria born mosquito to thrive, but to reduce the population of human beings in east africa. These sociopathic solutions have already been tried and tested the 20th century is filled with numerous destructive regimes who engaged in such policies with no regard to human life. 
In other words many of the so called “solutions” the people behind Agenda 2030 propose are not geared towards addressing the root causes behind disease, and human suffering they propose asinine and pathologically destructive measures that will only create more conflict and destruction to an already battered region of the world. 

13. Climate Action “take urgent action to combat ‘climate change’ and its impacts”

Response: Scientific consensus is not the basis of scientific Truths. The notion that ‘global warming’ which they conveniently renamed to ‘climate change’ is happening because experts said it was so does not live up to the test of scrutiny. It is quite evident that these people don’t care about the environment and the root causes for environmental issues. They base their entire diagnosis on fraudulent science and data that was purposefully tampered with to “demonstrate” the truth of their theories. A simple way to see through this fraud is that anyone who has the audacity to present critical and countering information is not met with counter arguments or rebuttals but labeled, in a religious theocratic manner, a “denier” just as many individuals during the medieval period who had proof that the world was a spherical globe were persecuted and jailed by the Church for “denying” the truth of flawed medieval physics.

    14. Life Bellow the Water “Conserve and sustainably use the oceans,             seas and marine resources for sustainable development”

Response: A noble notion to treat the oceans, seas, and marine resources with respect. But yet again they ignore the root cause of the problems facing our oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water. Mega Corporations and governments from south east asia and Africa completely ignore the safety and fragility of our natural waterways and dump unhealthy waste deposits into the ocean from chemical waste to human waste. Western nations, though not entirely immune from such unethical practices, are the least prone to this type of abusive and non ethical behaviour. The lion share of pollution and destruction of our oceans comes from Africa and Asia (80%+) this includes the devastation of coral reefs and over fishing practices. But of course the UN and those behind agenda 2030 don’t want to lay blame where it is largely due and wish to project the failures of corrupt nations onto the nations who have done much work and progress in ensuring this type of behaviour is curtailed and punished.

15. Life on Land “Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss”

Response: By now it is yet again important to point out their rhetorical redundancy of the word “sustainable”. The majority of people and institutions that peddle this overly used euphemistic ideological jargon will admit that attached to said word is an array of political solutions that have no basis in reality. Yet again they attribute a set of circumstances that can be easily observed to people and nations that engage in these terrible practices the least. One simple example is the heavy amount of regulation resource extraction corporations must face in Western nations in order to operate. This is not to say that abuse and corruption does not take place. But once again upon scrutiny the lion share of nations and corporations that abuse our natural environments and cause the reduction of real biodiversity in the myriad of natural environments are 3rd world corrupt nations who ignore the long term consequences of these unethical practices. A simple example that will illustrate this to the common person is the devastation of shark species in our oceans. Sharks are vital for the healthy balance of the ocean ecosystems but the Chinese government and other south east asian nations kill over 50,000,000 + per year to supply fins for their traditional superstitious “medicine” in addition to satiating the culinary tastes of many of the elites of south east Asia that eat shark fin soup as a status symbol. 

    16.  Peace Justice and strong institutions “Promote peaceful and                inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to          justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions         at all levels”

Response: Yet again their utopian delusional decrees of grandeur that upon scrutiny have nothing to do with reality. Peace and Justice are only observed in nations where rule of law, non abusive policing and court systems treat their citizens equally under the law. Yet again the most peaceful and non violent nations in the world are predominantly Western nations where these conditions, though imperfect, exist on a far greater scale and consistency compared to 3rd world nations who’s corrupt leaders use their policing/military powers to oppress and terrorist their populations leaving only a small group of elites in charge of arbitrary legalism that create a set of laws for those in power and their minions who largely never have to face prosecution for blatant abuse of power and criminal behaviour while their avg populations must face ongoing arbitrary draconian enforcement protocols that take place with no due process and lack any accountability.

    17.  Partnerships for the Goals “Strengthen the means of                    implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable            development “   

Response: In closing this final point is made to entrench their overarching ideological and global framework. They assert that the only way to achieve these delusional utopian goals based on consistent misdiagnosis and rewriting of history is to relegate all decision making and questions of human life to the hands of international institutions that have no accountability who’s methods are authoritarian in nature that base their certainty on an elitist delusional secular theocratic mentality.

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