Canada bought and paid for by China

The Government of Canada, its institutions, and our security apparatus have been entirely compromised to foreign interests. This will be the first among many posts outlining the rampant corruption, malfeasance and treason (a word forgotten by almost all Canadians and westerners in general). This treason and blatant malfeasance is rife in the Canadian Government in both the Federal and Provincial institutional bureaucracy including the Foreign Service, diplomatic elite, and most especially our Security services who seem far more eager to enforce draconian measures and not protect our borders.

Working for 30 years in the Canadian foreign service, Brian McAdam’s career ended suddenly in 1993 after he exposed corruption at the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong and the infiltration of Chinese organized crime members and spies into Canada. His work saved the Canadian government an estimated $50 million, prevented the entry of over 1,000 organized crime figures such as Triad, Yakuza, and Mafia members into Canada, and revealed China’s extensive espionage activities in Canada, which have now been confirmed by Canada’s intelligence service, Chinese defectors and others. Unfortunately the following document was one of the few that survived among the 32 reports made by Canadian Hero Brian McAdam. The rest of the reports were scrapped and destroyed by the Li(e)berals in Jean Chretien’s government. Purposefully covered up by the traitor and his minions so that him and his fellow public and private sector elites can reap massive financial benefits at the expense of the Canadian People and the ever diminishing liberties Canadians once enjoyed.

If you are to ask why did Canada end up like this the following report will give you the first major hint. At this point most academic, big business ventures and other notable Canadian institutions have been compromised to numerous foreign interests all under the nose of the general public without the promised oversight and accountability that Canada’s government audaciously tells its citizenry it continues to deliver.

This is the first among many posts that will serve as information to all Canadians. So that they can begin piecing together where their country has gone and why there are so many problems that continue to get worse. The sad part is that the Media establishment, the lion share of Canada’s public/private sector elite and our most important institutions have only shown to be incompetent at even tackling these issues. They spend massive ever increasing tax dollars without providing solutions, further hoisting the burden of their failures down on the Canadian public. By using the Unions, Media, regulatory institutions and academic institutions they create a web of lies made to deflect and project their own corrupt malfeasance, pitting one sector of the Canadian public against the other while screwing the law abiding citizen and their families out of a bright future. Their corruption, incompetence and betrayal continues unabated as the COVID-19 chinese virus has taken Canada by storm. This has initiated one of the biggest and most dishonest Government power grabs in Canadian history that evidently has only proven to throw the Charter of Rights and Freedoms completely under the bus.

One final point to finish this brief introduction, it is in plain site that every single Canadian University has accepted massive endowments from foreign Chinese interests. This document should alarm every Canadian regardless of political leaning, this is not a partisan issue. The Canadian Governments handling of the COVID-19 crisis is another symptom of the corruption and betrayal that the following document exposes. Why is the Canadian Government peddling the corrupt WHO talking points on all of its public websites? Why is the Canadian Government effectively throwing civil liberties that generations of Canadians have worked tirelessly for under the bus?

The following quote is more poignant in these dark days than ever:
Justin Turdeau (purposefully misspelled) and his regime are traitors and Canadians are paying a hefty price.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Thomas Jefferson

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