IF you missed part 1 check it out: Two main topics discussed: A general overview of the controversy. Do viruses really exist and other related questions. Antibodies. How they are in fact useless at stopping disease and are used to coerce people / scare people into accepting quackccines. It is important to note that many … Continue reading GERM THEORY IS A HOAX PART II

We Don’t Vaccinate – Myth and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns [2015] Documentary

To think this was made in 2015 when most of the world was deep in the facade of their fake nations... Facade era [20th century + the first 2 decades of the 21st century] was a very seemingly peaceful time for most of the Western world with a few exceptions. The very people who spent … Continue reading We Don’t Vaccinate – Myth and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns [2015] Documentary

Dr. Eileen de Villa Incompetence

Dr. Eileen De Villa among other medical practitioners and politicians who enforce the mask mandate should be charged with the following:-manslaughter-conspiracy to commit murder-terrorism-mischief-psychological torture-inciting fear-unreasonable tactics Charges:Section 24, Section 245 (1), Section 269, Section 218, Section 219. The force of use of mask wearing by Dr. De Villa causes the citizens of Toronto to … Continue reading Dr. Eileen de Villa Incompetence

Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions and Events

Government, health officials and mainstream media has been assuring that thecovid-19 vaccines are "Safe and Effective". Numerous advertisements flooding thetv, internet and social media. But are the Vaccines actually safe? Countless MDsand health practitioners have been speaking out against the harms of the spikeprotein and "hidden contents" such as graphene oxide which is showing up … Continue reading Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions and Events

Covid Vaccine Efficacy Fallacies

During the COVID-19 lock down in 2020, the government and health officialsannounced there were covid-19 vaccines being worked on and will help people toget out of the pandemic. On May 16, 2020 Canada approves the first COVID-19 vaccine trials. Thegovernment and some healthcare administrators began twisting that the narrativeof what the vaccines will do. According … Continue reading Covid Vaccine Efficacy Fallacies

Vaccine Ingredients Controversy

When the COVID-19 Vaccine was being promoted, health and governmentadministrators along with mainstream media told the public that this "new"technology is a vaccine that will induce a synthetc mRNA wrapped in nanolipidsthat will enter the cytoplasm of your cells and release the spike protein to triggeran immune response. Spike Protein: Health officials, government and mainstream … Continue reading Vaccine Ingredients Controversy

5G Frequency Effects and Concerns

The 5G frequency has shown scientifically that there is a cause for concern,especially after 10GHz. Research shows that frequencies from 10GHz and upincreasingly interact with the oxygen molecules in the air and water. Thefrequencies start getting absorbed by the oxygen. In studies presented by Zenodo"Millimeter wave propagation: spectrum management implications": zenodo-articleDownload Arxiv study "Overview of … Continue reading 5G Frequency Effects and Concerns

Credibility of the PCR Test and Statistic Accuracy

PCR-Test: The test first used to detect SARS-CoV-2 was the PCR Test, known as polymerasechain reaction. It's a test detects and amplifies genetic material from a specificorganism so that it may be studied. Oddly enough, the inventor of the PCR Test, Kary Mullis, specifically said that thePCR Test is NOT supposed to be used for … Continue reading Credibility of the PCR Test and Statistic Accuracy